What is CDR?

The Centre for Deep Reading is a small organisation dedicated to the practice of reading. Currently the Centre hosts an annual winter reading retreat at Tyraman Retreat, near Gresford, NSW, on Wonnarua country.

What is Deep Reading?

It's difficult to define exactly. There as many modes of deep reading as there are deep readers. What they share in common is that each sets up the conditions for a certain quality of attention.

What is the Reading Retreat?

Removed from the city, immersed in the landscape, surrounded by readers, enriched by special guests & guided by curated material & group conversation, the retreat sets up the conditions for a deeper reading experience.

Tyraman Retreat – with its special blend of the natural & the architectural – is the perfect locale for connecting deep reading to ecological awareness. This year's retreat (Aug 17th - 26th) is focussing on the work & legacies of Judith Wright & Nugget Coombs

The retreat is fully catered. The costs ranges between $300 - $600, calculated by the length of stay + means testing (broke, tight, flush or minted).

For inquieries: info@deep-reading.org