2018 Winter Reading Retreat

2018 Winter Reading Retreat
July 03–12, 2018 · Tyraman Retreat

Tyraman Retreat on Gringai country in the Hunter Valley:

The architect, Stuart Mackenzie, was thinking about how we build structures in relation to the land. A place for reading and contemplation was precisely what he had in mind:

Group reading energy spaces out into and around the architectural intention of the house:

That winter we are all reading Alexis Wright's The Swan Book:

All those swan books lying around in the lounge room whilst we were eating lunch:

Hoovering up the leftovers prepared by food ninja Joey Astorga from Paperbark restaurant:

Afternoon reading on the hill in the sun:

Or by the wood pile:

Evening by the fireside:

Winter sunrise is all fog and gold dust:

Gary Warner in the grass trees (xanthorrhoea):

Here's Gary again on the stairs:

Gary set up a deep listening station in the bush. High fidelity + slight disembodiment = magnified auditory perception.

Barbara Campbell hunted down all the poems referenced in The Swan Book and curated a little sundown reading down at the creek:

Ross Gibson came up and made himself available for one-on-one conversation:

What a treat to discourse with the cosmos of Gibson:

Speaking of treats, the retreat was graced by the ever-binding presence of Vanessa Berry, whose reading practice sets the standard:

Another gold standard of reading is serial retreater Michael Farrell: