2019 Winter Reading Retreat

2019 Winter Reading Retreat
July 01–11, 2019 · Gresford, NSW

The Centre For Deep Reading is hosting the second winter reading retreat at Tyraman Retreat in the Hunter Valley from July 1st - 11th, 2019.

What is the reading retreat?

The retreat provides a social environment for 20 readers. The concept is to provide solitary readers with a social context in which to read alone, together. The idea is that reading energy combines into a group dynamic.

Yeah but what does that actually mean?

Look at the images of the 2018 Winter Retreat.

How long does it go for and what does it cost?

The retreat is active for 10 days. There are two levels of participation: for the long weekend or for the long-haul. The long weekend (3 nights) is $300 for salary or $200 for unsalaried. The long-haul (up to 10 nights) is $500. That gets you accommodation, food, books, CDR art packets & hang out time with excellent people.

What will we read?

The ongoing theme of retreats at Tyraman is Land and Country. This year we're reading Kim Mahood and Martin Harrison, and thinking about the intersecting relationship of their work to place.

All the reading materials are provided for the Weekenders. Long-haulers supplement this with their own reading program. The retreat is a good place to tackle texts that both seduce and intimidate you.

How will the retreat work?

The basic daily structure is free reading time followed by a group meeting around 5pm. This structure affords maximum readerly autonomy while maintaining daily social connection.

What is the living situation?

Tyraman Retreat is a spacious property with huge roaming potential. The house itself is commodious and easy for readers to spread out in. Winter is the best season to be at Tyraman and there are multiple fire places (inside and out) to keep us warm.

The sleeping arrangements are two large dorm-style rooms with 8 beds in one room and 6 in the other. There are also mattresses in the cupboard that can be moved about as needed.

What do the special guests do?

The special guests add extra dimensions. Gary Warner adds ears to our idea of what reading is. Barbara Campbell takes reading outside and outloud. Ross Gibson gives the gift of conversation. Vanessa Berry embodies the love of reading in a way that is contagious. Jane Richens and Brian Doherty take us on a field excursion to their 600 acre property of remnant rainforest.

Getting there and back?

Readers will have to make their own way to and from the retreat and will have to supply their own poisons and medications.


RSVP: info@deep-reading.org